Love is not just emotion or virtue, it is an experience. All thing created were from love, to love. Love is in essence, the profound feeling of total and complete oneness. It is a decision we make and most importantly, it is a skill to be developed. Loving is something we learn to do
and loving unconditionally; is a lifelong practice. Loving unconditionally is not something that can be experienced outside the parameters of worth.

If you are still basing worth of yourself or others on externals, such as: what a person does and says, their talents, their gender, their aptitudes or their shortcomings; then you are practicing conditional love. To unconditionally love is to see the true essence of your own worth as well as the worth of others. To unconditionally love others is to see that worth has nothing to do with externals; that is anything they would leave behind in death. It is also to see the identical nature of your as well as their core essence and allow yourself in that recognition, to experience the unchanging eternal feeling of that unity, regardless of any conditions that differentiate you from them, in this life.

No people often labor under the false premise, that feeling love for something is conditioned upon that external thing first being enjoyable and so if it is not, it must change first before it is lovable. This could not be further from the truth. No suffering is ever about another person. It is always the result of the relationship between you and yourself.

You can never get anything else other than external relationships that are an exact reflection of the internal relationship you have with yourself. In order to get love you must give it; and so the best way to get unconditional love is to ask yourself: what unconditional love of yourself would look like and fell like to you?


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