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  1. Good loved to read it waiting for next book as well and at every page there was suspense and just because of it we can imagine in our mind from beginning to end and we can relate to it what mam and sir both of you have gone through it is must recommend for all youth bcoz now a days trust is not being seen in the relationship

  2. This book is a good book. writer was in love with suraj i think he is the publisher of this book, i mean his own story, i loved the way you both express love to one another in all pages of your story. i am waiting for your next book.

  3. i loved the story at every stage. ofcourse nidhi made me cry at few places but the rain and weeping and shouting was great.

  4. Your love story is really nice encouraging me to believe and hope that my life will settle on me and my boyfriend. how i wish i can find true love with my boyfriend. how i wish our situation would be as lovable as forever and that we don’t have to care anyone else.

  5. This is the first book for this author and I love it! A whole new series I can’t wait for the next one… hurry nidhi bring out your next soon…

  6. bought this book very recently, after reading first two pages, was very much excited to read next, n my thurst to know whats next made me to complete reading this book in just two days. can say awsummmmmmmmmm…

    Eagerly waiting for next release..Nidhi pls release the book soon 🙂

  7. Hie nidhi hie suraj… I just read your novel(u&me forever this way). I just lovedd it.. It was like somebody has written on my life.. iam gifted with the most wonderful man on this earth.. My soulmate , my man.. I felt soo overwelhmed.. I narrated your whole story to the love of my life… And trust me it was amazingly good.. Thanxx for this wonderful writing.. God bless you..

  8. Howdy !
    This is the author of this book, regret to say that many of the old comments are moved from the site and kept in our heart. As we have many comments which our server could not accommodate.
    I request all the readers to comment here such that the other readers can know about the book.

  9. i loved your story, please make it clear is it your own love story? it is a great book i could feel the love and you have given good important points to take care in every girl’s live

  10. Hai madam, you were telling about the next book and i would like to know when you are going to release it. we are all waiting for it since my first reading of the book. How could such love be possible dominating ego ? i recently broke up and now feeling bad about it. hope every reader would never break up after reading your book. i would have read this book earlier. anyways i would like to preorder your second book.

  11. wonderful book i liked suraj, so naughty and loved person, i pray god to have such a husband… i wanted to read your next book.

  12. please publish the same book in telugu, many of my friends are asking for this book, it is so nice story made me cry at some places but love is very good in this book.

  13. it is out of stock, my bf told me to read it but it is out of stock, he repeatedly asking me about the book in every phone call, please make is available online.

  14. Reading opens our heart to new worlds, new feelings, and new views. This book touched my innermost layers of my heart.

  15. My girlfriend forced me to read this book, actually i hate reading such books but helpless. i started the book and was shocked to know the joy of reading and now came to know why girls read books. your story telling is really great. very nice story all boys should read before falling in love.

  16. i got this book for my GF and could not meet her till this sunday, so i though of reading few paragraphs as it was boring for me and started this book, i started from the middle page waiting for her call,
    Aunt and uncle consoled me a bit accompanying me to the hospital within few minutes we were at the hospital.
    My love, the person whom i love the most was then on the hospital bed with blood all over and all kinds of medical equipments enclosed him.
    this was in page 69, i was touched and continued the story upto page 73. then again started the book.
    Such a nice narration by Nidhi madam, i loved the story and at few pages you made me cry still the story is of great love and then i understood why my GIRL wanted me to buy this book.

  17. Nidhi mam, why dont you put enough copies printed when you have a good demand. flipkart says that this book is out of stock twice, this is the second time i am finding this book out of stock, i told my friend about this book and he was about to purchase it and found out of stock. please send him the book his address is Basant, BF 69, Raghavendra Bhawan, IIT Roorkee, Roorkee – 247667. PLEASE SEND HIM THE BOOK AT THE EARLIEST.

  18. i loved the story i gifted this book to my gf and she also loved it and both of us are waiting and waiting for your new book

  19. is it possible to LOVE as shown in your book? if one love is not enough, in this story Nidhi loves Suraj and Suraj also Loves her that is why this is a true love, but how many of us can get such love? story is great

  20. My mom also read the book and told she will not scold me anymore, she is a good reader she read many books and she told that she read only spiritual books and today to know about the book i am reading, she read it, finally she told she loved the book and the writer has a good insight. Hats off nidhi madam.

  21. My name is Maria the pleasure of joy, i was never happy in my house, my parents died when i was young and i even did not see them and i grew up in ashram, i dont want to tell the name of ashram, i found joy only in my name and not in my life, When i saw this book with a boy in my college he left it on the table and went home, i took it and read it, this is the first time i felt that i too have a heart and i too need love and now i am in love with the boy Manish, we are getting married today and all the credit goes to NIDHI we need your books all your books please send them to Manish Maria, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School
    Residency Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025.

  22. what happend to nidhi father is a puzzle in the story, Rahul is also a gentle man if it is real i love even rahul, congrats madam the book has come out very nice

  23. Book is once again out of stock, it was available at the time of placing it in my cart but now i thought of confirming the order it is out of stock, this is the second time happening for me please maintain huge stock as there is a good demand for the book.

  24. Aunty & Uncle at the hospital were nice, see how suraj’s father turned after witnessing the True Love in Nidhi. you are a very good narrater

  25. We played allot, ate all the junk food and enjoyed so much that we even forgot about our dinner party at 7:00pm. This is how we forget time when with loved one’s.

  26. I tried several times but his mobile was switched off… the clock struck 12 in the noon. I was on my bed, head was heavy, eyes were swollen as I was crying since many days. I was then a living dead body. No other way for me was left. why do many writers make the reader cry for love? i am eagerly waiting for your next book.

  27. Nidhi was worried about suraj’s father but on the other side, she was also afraid. She wished for his father to get well soon. But she was not ready to confront them. Love expressed here in this page was so nice.

  28. Hai Nidhi, your book is great. Most writers regard the truth as their most valuable possession, and therefore are most economical in its use.

  29. i read many story but i could see this story happening around me somewhere, suraj speaking to nidhi the whole night and nidhi could not understand how suraj could fall into love, i loved the scene in page 42 NIDHI MADAM such an heart touching scenes in your story. i am waiting for your next book with 1000 eyes

  30. My boyfriend gifted this book and i found it very good, I like reading, I am inspired, entertained, For most of my life, I’ve averaged reading about Three books per month. But for the next 52 weeks, I have resolved to read 200. Keep going Nidhi madam.

  31. i love you SURAJ i am sure this is a real story and so good loving in this book i wanted to read your next book send it fast

  32. Hai nidhi, you have shown me how to propose on this valentine’s day i am going to gift this book to her, wish me all the best.

  33. hai lakshmi you are true i have also read the book, i think you have forgoten about the page no. 59, it was about their first night.
    Nidhi madam as lakshmi said we are eagerly waiting for your next book. make it fast.

  34. my sister bought this book in vizag railwaystation for time pass, i never read books, but i was bored and my sister was sleeping in the train, i just opened the book and turned the pages, picked up a page randomly, it was page number 48 and 5th para goes like this, Our eyes were locked.
    We were staring at each other.
    A cool breeze entered the compartment.
    i closed my eyes and was enjoying the breeze.
    Suddenly, i felt his lips …………..
    Nidhi madam please dont edit this page i am posting, let people read this and let all the readers know the sweetness of TRUE LOVE. i am eagerly waiting for your next book.

  35. hai guys you all know how nice it was told by NIDHI in page 39, —
    My mobile started ringing, My mom started shouting.
    ofcourse she never speaks to me but just shout since the day i entered my 8th standard.
    “you are a girl – remember that you are a girl” this is the statement which could be heard in my house every day.
    YES MADAM nidhi madam you are right, i am still hearing the same words in my house, i think this is heard by every girl and you have given a true picture of a girl, not a girl, but of all the girls …. your book is great i feel not only the youth but every woman should read your book. you have done a good job.

  36. i loved the book so much, every girl should read this book before falling in love… waiting for your next book nidhi… wish you best of luch

  37. mom and aunty may be good friends, but the way they behaved with nidhi is not nice…. i found this book to be a good guide to the girls not yet married.

  38. Hello madam i loved the story it is nice, i c ould see the movie as if happening in front of me . keep it up best of luck.

  39. My kids are schooling and i am still a beginner in reading books. I want them to embrace the practice with joy. I want them to become good readers. And I want them to be provided all good books available. This is one i would like to library for them.

  40. i purchased this book in the railway station, i could not escape tears at places, the narration is excellent, it is very easy to say that this is not a story but happened really. i love you both nidhi & suraj. How could anything else in life dominate love. Your book is full of true love. NIDHI is nothing but love. Please send me the copy of your next book on the release date itself. Convey my wishes to suraj and pari.

  41. My bf gifted this book to me, as soon as i finished reading this book, i accepted his proposal. What made me accept his proposal was nothing but he liked this story. Anyone who like this book is really lovable ofcouse i believe so. Thank you mam for giving me such a sweet story.

  42. Thanks to NIDHI, for giving me a book reflecting the true meaning of true LOVE. Few years back, when I was in my 1st yr degree, i always thought that I am in the university just for studies.
    i saw a boy very handsome. Few months passed away and I don’t even know his name. One evening he sat in the same row where I was sitting. i saw this book and asked him. He gave me the book and i read it. i loved your story and thanked him for giving me the book. the only question he put was, how is the story? i said awsome suddenly he said the words “I LOVE YOU”, it took me one full day to come out of the shock… love you nidhi madam we both are getting married in this year. Both our parents agreed after reading your story. all of us are waiting for your next book.

  43. i just completed this book. it is amazing. i finished it in 4 hrs with small intervals, my good wishes to the new writer. i assure you, i will read your next book also.

  44. i received a thanks giving mail from your publisher, i was angry and replied asking why it was sent to me, in turn i received a mail from your Manager Communications Mr Suraj, apologizing saying my mail id was accidentally included into your readers list, it is true now you can include my mail id into your readers list not only readers list but also into your fans list. i read this site contents and purchased the book in amazon and brought it with me to srilanka my home town Panadura, i just finished reading, the story is very good. unfortunately my friends are unable to purchase your book delivery is not available in our place. sorry circulating your book without buying.

  45. Nidhi mam this is a real requirement for our youth, i read the book yesterday, today our whole class sat together and read the book chapter by chapter and we all are thrilled and loved you both. we want to read the next book also.

  46. Hello Nidhi, my mother is same like yours, but my dad gives me freedom, i loved your story, i believe every girl should read this book before marriage, i am waiting for your next book.

  47. Howdy !
    This is the author of this book, regret to say that all the old comments are moved from the site and kept in our heart. As we have many comments which our server could not accommodate.
    I request all the readers to comment here such that the other readers can know about the book.

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