Everything seems to be so beautiful in love; there is nothing as sweet as new love in this physical world. But when time passes by, we become too comfortable with our partner that we even forget how love used to feel like.
We start hurting our partner unknowingly not because we don’t love them, but because we know that they accept us even though we hurt them, because we know that they are not going to go anywhere and they are going to stay with us no matter what. The ones who used to take care of every minute detail such that their love don’t get hurt, now don’t even wants to face the reality of hurting them. No one hurts their love intentionally, but when it is in love, nothing can be excused under the mask of intentions.

This is where most of the relations loose in the battle of love. Not because we are not in love anymore, but because we started ignoring its presence. A tiny effort from any of the sides to bring up that hidden love can save relations for decades.

To put that tiny effort, we have to get rid of all the false thoughts in our mind about our partner, that we are not wrong, that our partner is not right, that it wasn’t intentional, that it is not our fault and so on… Ones these are removed from our minds, we have to accept the truth that we need our relation to last longer. Then we need to relive in those beautiful moments when we were completely drowned in love and forgot the world. We have to bring up our love to the highest possible level…
Then try anything, do anything, any tiny little effort, any tiny little deed; it will rejuvenate your love as it was ones.

The logic behind this is very simple… Love is a free flow of energy between two people, when you can establish that free flow by removing all the negatives from your mind, refilling/recharging your love; you are actually letting the energy flow freely between you both once again. You have removed all the walls which used to stop that free flow by forgetting those negative emotions. So once you have established that stream of love in you, it clears up the other persons mind also and re-establishes the relationship. After all, our soul mate is no one else other than our own mirrored personality.



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